Candide 12/Cultivating the Garden: The Old Woman, Martin, Dr. Pangloss, Candide, Cunegunde, Cunegunde's brother, Paquette, Cacambo, Death


Agita 1 of 3/58" x 50"/hand-embroidery on pieced textile
Agita 1 of 3


Maze: Stop That/42"H x 32"W
Maze: Stop That/42″H x 32″W


Broken Armadillo - Panel 1/hand-embroidery on textile/8'2"H x 8'5"W
Broken Armadillo Gallery


Needling the Regime: Torture/33" x 41"/hand-embroidery on textile
Needling the Regime Gallery


Dense hand embroidery on vintage textile, 57" x 48". A woman with a double body displays large graphic wounds and the instruments that made them --- arrows, swords, clubs, etc. The wounds are dated and could refer to incidents my life. She holds scissors and needle & thread. It is a psychic self-portrait.
From the Cradle to the Grave Gallery


American Memento Mori Gallery


Memento Mori billboards/Birmingham, UK
Billboards Gallery